What are the settings I can set on PRT Settings page?

To change a default setting, click the Settings icon at top right -> PRT Settings. Here's what can you set:


My Time Zone:  Select your time zone (by city name) to get reports and view data by your local time.

Default Search Engine/s for Adding: Search Engines (one or more) that you select here will appear by default in the Add URL form every time you'd like to add another URL.

Page after login: Select which page to see after you log-in: Dashboard, URL View, Term View or Manage URLs, one of your bookmarked PRT pages.
Interface language/Reports language: select a language from the optional languages.



"URL View" default groups:  Set a group or more, to load by default at the URL View. 

Terms rows default:  Set a default layout for URL View. You can choose if you want to view it expanded (Show All) or collapsed (Preview) by default.

Number of preview rows: Select how many term rows you'd like to see in the preview, before expanding.


Columns & Sorting:

"Base" column value: First Rank (will show any first rank) or First <100 Rank (will show the first numeric rank above 100).

Default URLs Order By:  Set the data order of the URL View. It can be ordered by Time Added, URL (alphabetically), Group name, or Top Rank, and either ascending or descending.

Default Terms Order By:  Set the order of the inner tables (terms) in the URL View.


Default downloaded PDF template: Select default template for downloaded PDFs.

Default Email attached PDF template: Select default template for email attached PDF reports.

Include a key (where relevant): Select whether to show icons and symbols key in your reports.

Charts Scale:  Select whether to show Logarithmic or Linear chart scale. Logarithmic scale gives more weight to the top ranks, while Linear gives the same weight to all ranks.

Additional sender Email: Here you can add an additional sender email to be used in Email Reports and Notifications.

Left Manu Bookmarks:

Add bookmarks to PRT's navigation panel.

Bookmarks box position:
 Select where your bookmarks will appear on the left navigation panel (Top/Bottom).

Add your bookmarks. Any https:// link can be added.

Drag & drop to change the order of the bookmarks: Lists your bookmarks and their order.

For paid plans only:

White Label: 

Custom Domain: Set up a custom domain to be used in your shared reports (also required CNAME settings).

Custom Logo: Upload a logo to be used on Shared reports, Users and MyRanks app. Recommended size: 512x160px.

MyRanks App: 

MyRanks Default Settings for the "About" page: Enter a Phone number, Email address and an Address to be displayed for your clients on MyRanks. Uncheck to exclude from the page.